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Genetic research is finding it’s law enforcement niche.

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Even though, I am considered an expert in the field of stalking and threat assessment, I was a cop for over thirty-four years, twelve of those years in homicide. In fact, in November of 2018, I was able to present one of my last Cold Case homicides, a no-body case that took place in 1988 to the Orange County D.A.’s Cold Case team which was accepted for filing. I have at least two more active cold case homicides that I am still involved with, so, basically, once you are in homicide for any length of time, its involvement never seems to leave you.

The reason I bring all this up, is because of the newest tool that law enforcement has just recently engaged to assist them in both recent and cold cases that have any DNA evidence generated by the suspect(s). This all kind of began in my mind when the Golden State Killer case was solved utilizing DNA from the suspect, a once cop, whose DNA signature was developed by Parbon Nanolabs, and a genetic history that lead to the killer extrapolated by one Ce Ce Moore, now the star on ABC’s series The Genetic Detective. Back in the day, I can remember attending briefings on the Golden State Killer, who at that time had been active in the Irvine area as well as various other cities in California.

Prior to leaving formal police work back in November of 2004, my partner and I had no cold cases where DNA evidence was left behind by any suspects. Parbon and Ce Ce, were not on the radar until 2018. However, I was just advised by a homicide detective that proceeded us, that he did have a current homicide with DNA evidence, with no matches in CODIS (Combined DNA Index System-a federal database where criminal DNA is registered.) He was able to reach out to Parbon and Ce Ce, and as “luck” would have it, had a suspect match in a short period of time. His suspect lived in the city, and had no criminal record. Not going into specifics, case is still being adjudicated.

I really like the fact, that the DNA combined with the ancestry hunters like Ce Ce Moore have progressed in this direction. I truly hope, it helps solves a great many more outstanding cases out in the world.

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