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Resume for Stalking Expertise for Michael Proctor, President of Duck Works Criminal Consulting, LLC.

Education: B.A. in Geography, Minor in Safety Education, teachable minors in business, and physical education, from Cal-State Long Beach, (1970). Hold Lifetime Standard Secondary Teaching Credential, as well as a Community College Credential. Recently obtained a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Basic Instructor Proficiency Certification. Prior to going into law enforcement, I substitute taught for the Anaheim and El Segundo School Districts. I have acquired over 900 hours of law enforcement academic training, generated from attending various accredited schools and seminars.

Specific coursed I have completed that assist me in the development of both my stalking and threat management expertise: Sexual Assault investigation-35Hrs., Domestic Violence-Advanced Inv. School-64Hrs., 80 Hrs. of Psychological Profiling & Criminal Investigation Analysis put on by various members of the F.B.I. Behavioral Science Group. ATF bomb and crime scene Inv.-40Hrs., 48Hrs.+ of Occult and Ritualistic Crime
Scene Inv. As well as over 100 hrs. of Homicide Inv., techniques and training. Member in good standing with ATAP (Assn. of Threat Management Professionals—attended 1998-2016 International Threat Management Conferences.)

Professional Training and Expertise: 

  • 09-11-72, Proctor became a police officer for the city of Westminster. Duties included a short time in patrol, developed and wrote school resource officer pilot program for the Garden Grove Unified School District, while teaching at both La Quinta and Westminster High School for W.P.D. (While in the S.R.O. Program wrote and directed a traffic accident simulation that received a national award from The Kemper Insurance Companies. The resulting video won the “Best Overall Graphics Award”, after being submitted to a committee in Washington D.C. While the Chief’s administrative aide out of the Human Resource Division, he developed several programs, including the citizens training academy as well as
    a program entitled C.S.U. (Crime Specifics Unit). This Unit worked heavy felons in an undercover capacity. When assigned as an investigator to that unit he spent

    2 ½ years in the unit. Also, while in H.R.D., he conducted an exchange program with Baltimore P.D., where he worked in his department’s uniform in patrol for a few days and then did a department training at his agency and Baltimore’s comparing the two agencies’ differences. He then published an article concerning this experience with Law-and-Order Magazine, one of several he did over the years during his time in H.R.D. He was then promoted to an FTO (Field Training Officer) Corporal & trained patrol officers for two years and was then promoted to detectives. Worked one year in residential burglary, and then was assigned to robbery/homicide and predators division. Due to a hiring freeze, worked the first year and half without a partner and was also tasked with handling Hispanic gangs in the city. During the thirteen-year tenure in robbery/homicide, investigated over 2000 robberies, about 400 attempt murders, a variety of felony assaults as well as was the lead or co-lead investigator on over 65 homicides.

  • In June of 1991 developed the first stalking case in Orange County, and the second in the nation. While still at the police department investigated or consulted on well over 100 stalking cases.

  • Began training California D.A.s and investigators on the issues of stalking. Shortly after appearing on the first media show that revolved around stalking generated by 20/20 and then a stalking special produced by America’s Most Wanted, along with authoring the first article on stalking in The California Journal of Law Enforcement, was asked to be one of the commissioners for the first workbook and training video on stalking developed by POST (Peace Officers Standards and Training in 1996). Since then, he has been conducting training seminars throughout the US, as well as assisting states in developing and amending their stalking laws as well as countries in doing the same.

  • On 03/96 assisted in developing a brief for the first stalking tort case against which was brought on behalf of an employee who was stalked at work. The civil case was successfully prosecuted.

  • In late 1996 was hired to evaluate a program which included developing safe locations for children to be dropped off for court ordered visitation involving a spouse who had violated domestic violence and/or stalking sections. The program referred to as KKS (Keeping Kids Safe) was run by the Orange County Superior Court system.

  • In November 1996 retired at age 48 after putting in almost 25 years on the job. Took December off and in January of 1997 came back to work as a reserve detective and was assigned to the F.P.U. (Family Protection Unit) as the units stalking detective. Also tasked with assisting on cold case homicides

  • In late 2000 received word from his first stalking victim in California that she had been notified by another stalking victim in Alabama that the stalker that had stalked her for over 19 years had beaten to death a city official in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Because he had extensive background information on this subject,
    [which was housed in an extensive multi-page file] and had profiled him over the years, which enabled him to figure out where the two murder suspects would be in Cal. The suspects were found at the location indicated and arrested. In 2001 he was flown out to Tuscaloosa to testify as an expert on stalking as well as to this Page 6 individual’s behavior patterns; the stalker received two life terms, and later died in prison in late 2023.

  • Quoted in articles for Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2003, March 2004, and March of 2007 issues.

  • In June of 2004, completed a consult for The Arizona STOP Domestic Violence Grant funded by both the Governor of Arizona’s Office on Domestic Violence and the Federal Office for Violence Against Women Programs. (Part of that was to help in the development of Arizona’s anti-stalking legislation.) He reported to Mesa Community College Administration of Justice Studies, Program Coordinator Kerry L. Muehlenbeck, JD. LL.M. he also conducted a training seminar for victim advocates and law enforcement at this college, entitled, Stalking: An effective Law Enforcement Response.

  • Formally retired as a reserve detective in November of 2004. Still continued to consult for the PD on a variety of cases, and on March of 2018, successfully presented his last cold case [no-body] homicide to the newly formed Orange County D.A.’s Cold Case homicide unit.

His continued work in the field of stalking: Before listing many of the locations he has taught, It would be best to explain the following: He is a consultant of OVC (Office for Victims of Crime). In 2013 he was Spotlighted (recognized by OVC for his continued work in the field of stalking. In 2016, He was contracted by them to review and re-write, their VAT (Victim Advocate Training Module) on stalking. That was completed in 2017. In 2010 he was appointed as one of the original consultants to The National Stalking Training Academy developed by the Home Office of The United Kingdom. (To date, he was the only American on the that board, unfortunately, the academy lost its funding.) He also consults from time to time for The
National Center for The Victims of Crime (Stalking Resource Center). In 2018, he was asked to become one of the “Expert Advisors” for Action Against Stalking (Scotland). Over the years he has assisted victim advocates and legislatures in countries and states in both developing their stalking legislation, as well as in
some cases modifying same.

The following are some of the training seminars I have conducted: 

  • Stalking, Fairview Developmental Training Center-for law enforcement and mental health.

  • The Orange County Probation Department, and Riverside Sheriff’s Dept.​

  • ​Long Beach District Attorney’s Office.

  • Los Angeles County Supervising District Attorney’s Seminar.

  • Cal-State Fullerton

  • California District Attorney’s Violence Against Women Seminars.

  • Orange County District Attorney’s Office & Cal. State Parole, Seminars.

  • The Investigation and prosecution of stalking seminar, (Irvine) Sponsored by
    P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers and Standards Training).

  • The Violence Against Women Prosecution Symposium.

  • ​Women’s Transitional Living Center of Orange County.

  • ​Arizona Chapter of A.T.A.P. 04-29-04.

  • CSP (Community Services Programs) Office of Victims Assistance for Orange County, Ca. 06-10-04.

  • County-wide training on Stalking Investigation, hosted by The Orange County Family Violence Council, and the Orange County Superior Court System, as well as the Westminster Police Assn. Oct. 2004.

  • Seminar for Woman’s Studies, Rancho Santiago College, Nov. 2004.

  • Two stalking seminars in Omaha Nebraska, Sponsored by The Regional Community Policing Institute, Omaha Police Department, & The Nebraska Attorney’s General’s Office, Wichita State University and COPS. April 26-27, 2005.

  • Conducted seven (7) eight-hour classes for The Orange County Probation Dept. June of 2005.

  • Initially contracted with OVC (Office for Victims of Crime) to consult and teach. June of 2005.

  • In February of 2006 was requested to testify in front of the Nebraska State Legislature’s Judiciary Committee on a bill designed to alter their stalking law. Could not attend, but sent copies of my books, as well as a letter containing reasons for supporting the bill. Also worked over a period of time with legislative
    aides on the bill. Bill was passed in early 2006.

  • In April of 2007, at their request, provided the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. with a copy of our stalking protocol to assist them in their investigation on the Sandra Bullock stalking case.

  • On November of 2007 was voted onto the board of Feel Safe Again, Inc. (Boston, Mass.), as an advisory director.

  • ​In late 2007 supplied members of the N. Carolina Legislature with both copies of my first book as well as information concerning the preparation of an amendment to their current anti-stalking law.

  • ​Lectured at the National Domestic Violence Conference, in Fullerton, Oct. 20, 2007.

  • Lectured at the Orange County FACT (Families and Communities Together) conference at Concordia University, Irvine, May 23, 2007.

  • Lectured at the 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Conference, Oct. 26, 2007.

  • Lectured at California Baptist University, Feb. 2008.

  • Slated to teach at the World Stalking Conference in Germany in April 2008, unfortunately funding fell through; even though a great deal of information was exchanged.

  • Keynote dinner speaker at the 1st Annual Stalking Conference in the Boston Mass., area. Sponsored by Feel Safe Again, and The Mass. State Police. 03-14- 2008.

  • In Jan. of 2009 was asked to be one of the members of the Stalking Advisory Committee for The University of Southern California, who had received a grant from the Department of Justice in the hopes of developing a plan to assist students and administrators better handle campus stalking. The resulting program was known as The USC College Consortium Project.

  • Conducted training seminars at Cal-Poly Pomona, March and April of 2009.

  • Lectured in Denver Colorado, sponsored by The Denver District Attorney and Denver Police Department. May 13, 2009.

  • Lectured to the Colorado Chapter of ATAP, May 14, 2009.

  • November of 2009 began assisting victim advocates in Scotland with developing their anti-stalking legislation, sent books, protocols, as well as letters of direction. Their law was passed in 2011. Did much of the same thing with the same group who assisted the UK in passing their stalking law in 2012.

  • Online training for OVC on Workplace Violence Stalking along with Rebecca Drake of The National Center for Victims of Crime. January 19th, 2010.

  • Conducted a two-training seminar in Oslo Norway [in 2010] concerning stalking and threat assessment, sponsored by Ronin Consulting Group. Ronin at that time provided close protection for members of the Norwegian government and CEO’s as well as women housed in shelters throughout Norway. The seminar resulted in the work we had been doing with some of the members of the Norwegian government concerning obtaining their own stalking law.

  • Seminar at Michigan State University for the Michigan State’s Prosecuting Attorney’s Assn.

  • 2010 consulted on a media project on stalking being developed by the Discovery Channel.

  • Webcast on the Mari Franks Identity Theft Program, April 12, 2012.

  • Conducted two seminars for the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence. (Victim assistance conference.) June 5&6th 2012.

  • Teaching a one-day seminar at the Utah POST [ Peace Officers Standards & Training] academy Sandy City, Utah. Sept. 25, 2012.

  • Taught a half day at the Colorado Chapter of ATAP in Arvada, Co. Sept. 27, 2012.

  • Two-day training seminar at the Omaha Police Department training facility, also sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

  • Taught two criminal justice seminars for the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University, as well as a general seminar class open to the entire school. Oct. 11, 2012. Huntsville, Texas.

  • Conducted a student and some faculty seminar at Cal-State University Long Beach, 2013.

  • In 2014, contacted by Japan’s Director General for the Research Institute of Criminal Psychiatry, Sex Offender Medical Center (SOMEC) concerning changing Japan’s stalking law. (Dr. Hiroki Fukui was given copies of my books while in the U.K. doing research on their stalking laws. He advised he found them
    very helpful and informative.)

  • In 2014, became an advocate for a (celebrity) victim in the United States that was cyberstalked by a subject residing in Singapore. Conducted correspondence with the Singaporean Attorney General’s office in conjunction with this advocacy. (It is the first time to my knowledge that a stalker from another country was prosecuted for stalking a victim via the Internet in a country outside of their jurisdiction. The stalker was arrested and got three years in a Singapore prison. He has since been arrested for a similar crime in that country.

  • Conducted a series of training seminars throughout the state of California for the California District Attorney’s Assn. Feb, Mar, & April of 2015.

  • Training seminar for the Santiago Community College District, June 7, 2016.

  • June 22, 2016, conducted a half day training seminar for Westminster Police Dept. Westminster, Cal.

  • Conducted a one-day seminar for police, district attorney’s and victim advocates at The Community Action Partnership of Madera County headquarters. City of Madera, Oct. 4, 2016.

  • Seminar at the National Coalition for Domestic Violence Conference, in Chandler Arizona, Oct. 26th, 2016. Also acted as one of the consultants for the State of Arizona in obtaining their stalking law.

  • Conducted video training

  • Recently assisted an Oakland D.A. investigator in investigating her celebrity stalking case. It took about a year of back and forth and good hard work on her part, but the stalker was convicted and is currently in custody.

  • In 2021 was requested by two L.A. County D.A.’s on two stalking cases. After I conducted an investigation the information, I provided helped in getting felony convictions on the two stalkers.

Some of the radio and print media involvement: 

  • Early on featured Los Angeles Times article concerning stalking.

  • Front page story about stalking and why I investigate them March 28th 2006, Orange County Register.

  • Jan. 21st, 2008, Interview with the Manila Bulletin (Philippines) on a series dealing with Youth Stalking.

  • Article on celebrity stalking, Grazia Style Magazine, Australia, July, 2010.

  • Consulted on an article for The Economist Magazine, entitled, Cyber-Stalking, Creepy Crawlies. Vol. 399 No. 8730, April 23rd-29th, 2011.

  • Consulted for Fox News on the Gwyneth Paltrow stalking trial, 2016.

  • 2018, An article in the Palm Beach Post concerning a stalker who had pursued his victim for thirty years.

  • The Orlando Sentinel Organization, concerning the Christina Grimmie murder, June, 13, 2018.

  • Radio City, Liverpool, a few occasions, the last in 2009.

  • Conversations with Carlette Norwood, Ritter Radio Show.

  • The Stuart Ellis Show on the BBC

  • Web Radio, Hosted by Stacey Giovanni.

  • Pod Cast, on Facebook, Circle of Insight, by Dr. Carlos Vazquez. Feb. 24, 2018. Also did one in 2015 discussing what the stalking phenomenon was.

  • In early 2019 did a 55-minute interview for the Forensic Psychology Network,

  • Conducted a Zoom training at an international conference on stalking put on by Action Against Stalking [Scotland].

  • Proctor has his own blog-Stalking Detective’s First Aide for Victims. He will be generating a new Podcast on stalking in the not too distant future.

Some of the many televisions and documentary shows I have consulted on:

  • The M. Povich Show—when it was first being produced and had a much more professional outreach,

  • Case Closed

  • CNN,

  • Fox News,

  • Kei (Japanese TV),

  • The American Justice Files, & Court TV,

  • Nancy Grace,

  • Megan Kelly Show-Fox,

  • E-Hollywood News (hour long stalking special aired in Sept. of 2009)

  • America’s Most Wanted

  • SBS, South Korean television along with William Hodgeman, department head of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Target Crime Unit…which handles all high- profile prosecutions. This interview was at the request of the S. Korean media to try and start a dialogue going as to the possibility of getting anti-stalking legislation initiated in their country.

  • Investigation Discovery, Stalked Someone’s Watching, Atlas Media Productions.

  • The Stalker Files, Reelz TV, 2018, Buck Productions, Canada.

  • Consulted on a program on celebrity stalking for Peninsula Media Productions, Ireland, May of 2018.

  • They also utilized my books when producing the CBS Television series Stalker.

  • Appeared on numerous Pod Casts concerning stalking and threat assessment, and even one that was just curious about the crime of stalking, Last Podcast on the Left.

  • Around August of 2004, an agent for Steven Spielberg advised that Steven would like to use my talking about stalking on the television in his new film Collateral. I agreed on the condition I could send Mr. Spielberg a copy of my first book, How to Stop a Stalker. They agreed so I ended up in the movie.


  • Six articles on various subjects for Law-and-Order Magazine in the 1970’s.

  • Stalking, A Behavioral Overview with Case Management Suggestions, The Journal of Cal. Law Enforcement, Vol. 29, November 3, 1996.

  • How to Stop a Stalker, Published by Prometheus Books, Amherst, N.Y., in Aug. of 2003. (Now in its second printing.)

  • The F.P.U. (Family Protection Unit) to be published by Law & Order Magazine, Vol.53, No.4, April 2005.

  • Stalking Investigations, what we’ve learned since 1991, Published in November 4th 2007 issue of the Journal of California Law Enforcement. (Volume 41)

  • Antidote For A Stalker, published by Createspace Publications in 2013. Even though this book was designed as a guide to assist law enforcement, victim advocates, victims of stalking, educators and mental health professionals in better understanding the stalking phenomenon, it is also been adopted as a criminal justice text in certain college and universities.

  • Note: His books are in New Scotland Yard (Metropolitan Police Department’s) Library as well as the library for California’s POST (Peace Officers and Standards).


08-21-75-City Council Resolution for awards completed on school programs. 1978 Law and Order Magazine’s Police Photographers Award. 1983 W.P.D. Off. of the year. 1984, Midway City American Legion’s Officer of the year. 1986, Det. of the year. 1987 Midway City American Legion’s Det. of the year. 1987 Det. W.P.D. detective of the year award. 1988 Det. of the year award. 1989 Westminster Chamber of Commerce Public Safety Merit Award. 1995, Westminster Chamber of Commerce Public Safety award for my continued work in the area of stalking. Jan. of 1995 Certificate of Congressional
Recognition from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, 1999 recognition from the Assn. of Reserve Officers for continued work in homicide and stalking. Defender of Justice Award, Cal. State Assembly, Oct. of 2003. City council resolution for lifetime
achievement for 31 years of outstanding police service, Nov. 19, 2003. Jan. of 2010, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime, Certificate of Appreciation for work on online discussion of Stalking in The Workplace, and Best Practices. In 2013 was “spotlighted” by OVC (Office for Victims of Crime) for work in the area of stalking.

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