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Detective Mike Proctor

AKA - the "Duck"

Started out as a high school teacher and coach. Went into law enforcement in Sept. of 1972, stayed until November of 2004. During that time wrote programs for the department, taught school, worked in uniformed patrol, as well as a field training officer. Worked Metro for 2.5 years, and then went into detectives where he primarily worked robbery/homicide/& predators until he retired. Since 1991 became heavily involved in the stalking phenomenon. I am considered one of the pioneers in the investigation of stalkers. Over the years he has trained numerous police departments, victim advocate groups, prosecuting attorney associations, and educators about stalkers. Has written professional articles, as well as penned two books, on stalking; How to Stop a Stalker in 2003, published by Prometheus Books, N.Y., and his latest Antidote For A Stalker, both currently on Amazon. He has consulted for and appeared on numerous radio/television programs as well as consulted for a variety of print media, the latest being the Economist. He has assisted countries in obtaining their stalking laws, as well as states in amending same.

Detective Mike Proctor in front of his police car

Article on Detective Proctor

Det. Mike Proctor has written for the "Journal of California Law Enforcement" and provides training seminars for colleges as well as law enforcement agencies on how to deal with the menace of stalking. He was featured in The Orange County Register article written by KEITH SHARON

Antidote For a Stalker

Det. Mike Proctor has written an easy to understand 500 page guide

Author of "Antidote For a Stalker", Det. Mike Proctor has written an easy to understand 500 page guide designed to assist stalking victims, victim advocates, law enforcement, educators (his books are used as a primary or supplemental text in some universities), and those who would like to better understand the psychic of a stalker and why he or she applies their form of terror among us. He explains, Stalking History and Stalking Definitions, breaks down stalking laws both in the United States, Canada, the U.K., as well as many other countries in the European Union. His text coves the types of stalkers one might encounter, many of the mental disorders they may exhibit, along with he refers to as the stalker's bag of tricks—surveillance, harassment, cyberstalking, cyberbulling, identity theft, etc. The book also gives the reader a step by step process to follow if you are in fact being stalked. This includes safety procedures. He talks about workplace violence stalking giving the reader the necessary tools to handle this type of predation. Lastly, he outlines a stalking protocol for law enforcement to better assist them in the prosecution of any stalker they encounter. For more information concerning the book go to the publications section of this site.

A thirty-three year veteran of the Westminster Police Department, Detective Proctor is a recognized expert and pioneer in the investigation and threat assessment of stalkers.  He has worked and consulted on numerous stalking cases both in the United States and abroad. In 2003 he received the Defender of Justice Award from a member of the California legislation on his continued work in the area of stalking, and  in 2011 was appointed to the National Stalking Academy sponsored by the Home Secretaries Office, in the United Kingdom. He has assisted states in changing their stalking laws as well as helped countries in the development of their legislation.  He regularly teaches and conducts training seminars both in the United States and most recently abroad. He is regularly called upon by media to consult on projects along with conducting interviews for radio, television and the print media.  

Detective Mike Proctor's
Awards, Education & Resume


B.A. in Geography, Minor in Safety Education, teachable minors in business, and physical education, from Cal-State Long Beach, (1970). Hold Lifetime Standard Secondary Teaching Credential, as well as a Community College Credential. Recently obtained a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Basic Instructor Proficiency Certification. Prior to going into law enforcement, I substitute taught for the Anaheim and El Segundo School Districts. I have acquired over 900 hours of law enforcement academic training, generated from attending various accredited schools and seminars.


Specific coursed I have completed that assist me in the development of both my stalking and threat management expertise: Sexual Assault investigation-35Hrs., Domestic Violence-Advanced Inv. School-64Hrs., 80 Hrs. of Psychological Profiling & Criminal Investigation Analysis put on by various members of the F.B.I. Behavioral Science Group. ATF bomb and crime scene Inv.-40Hrs., 48Hrs.+ of Occult and Ritualistic Crime Scene Inv. As well as over 100 hrs. of Homicide Inv., techniques and training. Member in good standing with ATAP (Assn. of Threat Management Professionals—attended 1998-2016 International Threat Management Conferences.)


1. Retired homicide detective with over thirty-one years in law enforcement. (Orange County area of California.) During that time, was Officer of The Year, and Det. of the Year three years in a row. 2. Began working stalkers in 1991. Considered a pioneer in the investigation of stalking, and threat assessment thereof 3. Wrote the first article concerning stalking for The California Journal of Law Enforcement, Stalking: A Behavioral Overview with Case Management Suggestions. Then became one of the POST (Peace Officers Standards and Training) commissioners on the first comprehensive training video, and workbook on stalking, 1996. Received numerous awards for work in stalking including The Defender of Justice Award—presented by Cal. legislature, and others. In 2010, became a consulting member of The National Stalking Training Academy, developed by the Home Off. of the UK. Over the years, have assisted countries and states in developing and modifying their stalking legislation. 4. Currently a consultant for OVC (Office for Victims of Crime) out of Washington D.C. Was “Spotlighted” (recognized) for his continued work in stalking by OVC, and then in 2016, was contracted to review and revise their VAT (Victim Advocate Training) stalking module. 5. In 2018, was appointed by Action Against Stalking (Scotland) as one of their Expert Advisors. 6. In 2021, I conducted stalking training at the CAAS International Conference and Summit on Dynamics between the Stalker and his or her Victim. (Presented by Action Against Stalking). 7. I continue to write articles, as well as books on the topic of stalking. (Amazon). 8. I regularly both consult and train victim advocate groups, law enforcement, health care professionals, as well as educators concerning the issues of stalking. I also conduct seminars for organizations such as The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Conference, etc. 9. My written blog, (Stalking Detective’s First Aide for Victims) is available on line. 10. I regularly assist law enforcement concerning on-going cases. One of my latest was a sports celebrity stalking in the California Bay area. Also, in the first part of 2021, I was contacted by two L.A. County District Attorney’s working in separate jurisdictions in that county asking me to review, and/or solve their cases if possible, allowing them to further develop these cases for prosecution; even though I told them I lived in Texas and would have to work them from my office. One had to do with a suspect who was planning on kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and driving the potential target to another state where she would probably have been executed. In this case, the stalker lived in a small mid-western state; the victim in a small beach town along the Cal. coast. This stalker had come out to the beach community where the victim lived on two previous occasions, and was planning another trip out to kidnap the woman, who was married with children. I enjoyed investigating both cases from my little office in Texas. Each stalking case was successfully prosecuted. 11. Over the years, I have continually tweaked a stalking investigative protocol that is utilized all or in full by law enforcement agencies in the US and abroad. 12, Just completed an online training for West London Universities, Criminal Justice Department. 13. In 2021 he did a video training for an international conference on stalking sponsored by Action Against Stalking [Scotland]. So, now that I have laid out some of my most recent information, you might be wondering about some of the things I was doing prior: 14. I was one of the consultants on a DOJ (Dept. of Justice) Violence Against Women Grant; entitled, The USC (University of Southern Cal) College Consortium Project, whose purpose was to develop a better way to handle stalking on university campuses.’ (I also consult for college campuses concerning threats to students as well as staff, whom I have handled over the years.) 15. I was one of the consultants for the Orange County Superior Court’s KKS (Keeping Kids Safe) program designed to have secure locations with trained monitors to handle court ordered visitations. 16. I conduct seminars for organizations such as The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, etc. 17. I also regularly consult for print, radio, Internet, and other media on a regular basis, and have appeared on several television shows and productions. These have included 20/20-which was the first news program in which stalking was profiled in both the U.S.and elsewhere. (This program did a walk through on my first, and probably one of the first stalking cases ever formally prosecuted as a true stalking case in both the U.S. and abroad). Some of the other programs I have popped up on have been America’s Most Wanted, Case Closed, Reelz TV, Oxygen, CNN, Fox, etc.

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