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Press & Awards

Detective Mike Proctor continues to do media interviews both at home and at studios, concerning the growing stalking problem at home and abroad.

Mike Proctor's Press & Awards


Defender of Justice Award

2003, California State Assembly

The Defender of Justice Award is given annually to law firms that, “demonstrate a continuous and distinguished record of supporting alternative dispute resolution, public service, and community involvement.”

Defender of Justice Award - Mike Proctor

"I currently conduct seminars on stalking and stalking investigation for law enforcement, victim advocates and educators, both in the U.S. and elsewhere. I write books and articles to assist all those listed above, most recent work is Antidote For A Stalker, 2013, currently available on Amazon. I consult for radio, television and print media. I am a consultant for OVC (Office for Victims of Crime) as well as a consultant for The National Stalking Academy in the U.K. I have and continue to assist states in changing their stalking laws as wells as victim advocates and legislators involved in obtaining a stalking law in their country."


January of 2013

 Det. Proctor was “spotlighted” (highlighted) by the Office For Victims of Crime (OVC) for work in his particular field of endeavor.


Defender of Justice Award, California State Assembly.


Westminster Chamber of Commerce Public Safety Merit Award.



Westminster P.D.'s Detective of the year.


Midway City American Legion's Detective of the year.


Midway City American Legion's Officer of the year.


Won "Law and Order Magazine's Police Photographers award"

Nov. 19, 2003 

City Council Resolution for lifetime achievement of outstanding police service for 31 years.


Received recognition by the Association of  Reserve Officers for my continued work in stalking and homicide investigations.


Westminster Chamber of Commerce Public Safety Merit Award.


Westminster P.D.'s Detective of the year.


Detective of the year award.


Westminster P.D.'s Officer of the year.

Aug. 21, 1975 

City Council Resolution for awards and work done on school programs.

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